Solo Exhibition #3

Apr 11, 2018 – Apr 17, 2018
Insa-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, S. Korea

10 years since I started studying, I opened my third solo exhibition at the Kyungin Gallery in Seoul, South Korea.

I hope this exhibition feels like the small buds that manage to bloom and then fully become their radiant selves after a harsh winter. To me, it felt like thawing out the stories of all the years past and making them bloom on the page.

This is a small selection of the work from this exhibition, with more to come soon! If you'd like to get updates, please follow me on Instagram or sign up for my email newsletter in the footer below. I would love to connect with you.


My Heart and the Land of Freedom (내 마음의 자유천지), India ink on rice paper, 46x135cm


The Light of Love (사랑의 빛), India ink on rice paper, 69x69cm


The Scent of a Pine Grove (솔밭의 향기), India ink on rice paper, 45.5x70cm


A Sound that Calls Me (나를 부르는 소리), India ink on rice paper, 35x69cm 


Fluttering (설레임), India ink on rice paper, 35x69cm

More to come soon.

In the meantime, check out other past work: